Increase sales velocity by
aligning stakeholders

Engage your stakeholders with mutual action plans & drive deal timeline from demo to close

Trusted by Sales Reps at

Interact with prospects over video and text at their convenience.

One place to keep buyers and sellers on the same page through deal stages

Give full context to all your shared items, Look at documents, links, videos needed at different sales cycles

Invite and engage with buyers

Easily bring new personas to in-progress conversations and shared information.

Keep everyone on track

Build mutual action plans, Create list of accountable tasks with right visibility

All your sales collaterals in one place

Share slide decks, demo recordings, spreadsheets, files etc all in one convenient place

Assist buyers with better insights

Look who is active, Know about users and information they are engaging in

Don't take our word for it.

Tyler Karlen
VP Sales @ Toast Inc

Having a full record of sales conversations along with shared resources at one place makes a better buying experience.

Miriam Madhava
Sales Manager @ Alchemy

Async space for buyers to pull relevant people into their journey is very useful. It helps our sales reps to assist as subject matter experts.

Garrett Freehling
Sr Account Executive @ Zuora

I was looking for a product like this when I started as a Sales Rep

Joshua Blackwell
Senior Account Executive @ Rippling

Our AEs were looking for buyer centric tool more suited to PLG …this approach to keep sellers and buying stakeholders on the same page works very well

Ted Dimbero
CEO @ Skywa

We need a lightweight tool to enable interaction and resource sharing at one place. Quick interaction thru deal making process.

Mihir Mehta
CEO @ Bomisco

Twig has been instrumental in increasing our pipeline conversions. Collaboration in workspace is super smooth for our buyers

Fatima Salame
CEO @ Skywa

We need a lightweight system designed to enable context-rich communication.

James Toriff
CEO @ Skywa

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Kastriot Kosova
Founder @ Company

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