As you looking to enhancing your customer service with Zendesk Advanced AI. Some practical insights about this add-on that equips you with advanced auto-replies, suggested intents, and generative AI capabilities for agents. By leveraging billions of data points, Zendesk Advanced AI streamlines your support workflow, improves agent efficiency, and strengthens your knowledge base.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through setting up Zendesk Advanced AI step-by-step, unlocking its full potential for faster, more personalized support. You'll gain access to features like intelligent triage, context-aware responses, and conversational customer service bots.

Conversational bots for Deflection

Zendesk's Advanced AI gives you a builder to create conversational bots, to automate customer service interactions. These AI-powered bots can engage with users in natural language conversations, providing personalized assistance and resolving queries efficiently.
Useful primarily for chat or messaging channels to answer repeated queries. Zendesk bots helps users to self-serve and deflect from your agent involvement (tier-0).

Creating Bot
  1. Access the Conversational Bots section in your Zendesk instance under Channels. Goto Bots and automation --> Conversation Bots --> Manage
  2. Choose from pre-built templates for common scenarios or create a custom bot from scratch.
Creating new Zendesk Bot

3. Define the basics of bot such as personality, language, and tonality.

Setting up Conversation Bot

4. Conversational Design -

  • Provide conditional logic and branching instructions, with entry points of users inputs. And different exit points (escalations) and applying logic during the user chat.
Setup Conversation Bot - 2
  • Once you've the initial bot setup, goto Intents and Answers to leverage natural language abilities.
    Goto Answers --> Create Answers, which shows templates and prompts to create user responses with natural language abilities.
Conversation bot - Create Answers

5. Utilize the visual builder to map out user paths and bot flow for customer prompts and responses. You can then tune these workflows using TestBot.
Here you can look at AI's understanding capabilities for seamless interactions (instead of basic if-else chain).

Visual flow - Conversation bot
Integration and Deployment
  • Create as many bots for your needs depending on your customer channels like chat, mobile apps, or messaging platforms and product suite.
  • Next step is monitoring of performance metrics for bot usage, AI response accuracy. And fine-tune the bot's responses over time to get better utilization of AI.
  • Also analyze transition or handoff to human agents for various scenarios. Add new or modify bot's entry points and level of response with AI.

With conversational bots, you can provide 24/7 support, handle routine queries efficiently, and free up your agents to focus on more complex issues, delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Advanced-AI for Tier-1+ issues

Zendesk's Advanced AI add-on empowers you with intelligent auto replies, changing how you can handle customer email and form requests.
These AI-powered auto replies leverage advanced natural language processing to predict the intent, use of language, and sentiment behind each query. Then crafting tailored responses that provide a personalized customer experience.

Creating Autoreply
  1. Access the Autoreply section in your Zendesk instance under Channels. Goto Bots and automation --> Autoreply --> Manage autoreplies
  2. You need to create Triggers as an entry point into Autoreply
    There are two options for Triggers 1.) Email and 2.) Web form.


3. Provide business rules for the trigger you're creating.

About the conditions it has to meet and logic to be followed.

Creating Trigger
Provide condition for Triggers

Here're few of the capabilities of Autoreplies with triggers.

  1. Custom Responses Based on AI Predictions

Advanced auto replies analyze incoming emails and automatically generate responses tailored to the customer's specific needs. By understanding the context and intent behind the query, these auto replies can provide relevant information, offer solutions, or guide the customer to the appropriate resources.

  1. Deflecting Routine Queries Efficiently

With Advanced AI's intelligent triage capabilities, a significant portion of routine customer queries can be deflected through automated, yet personalized, responses. This frees up your support agents to focus on more complex issues, allowing them to provide more in-depth assistance where human intervention is truly needed.

  1. Seamless Integration with Existing Workflows

Advanced autoreplies seamlessly integrate with your existing Zendesk workflows, ensuring a consistent and cohesive customer experience. Whether it's through email, chat, or other channels, these AI-powered responses can be tailored to your specific business needs and customer preferences.

By leveraging Advanced AI's autoresponse capabilities, you can streamline your customer service operations, reduce response times, and provide a more efficient and satisfactory experience for your customers.

An example logic of Advanced auto reply

Configuring intelligent triage

Streamlining Operations with Intelligent Triage

Zendesk's Advanced AI add-on revolutionizes your customer service workflow with intelligent triage capabilities. This powerful feature automatically categorizes incoming requests based on the customer's intent, language, and sentiment, saving valuable time and effort.

  1. Eliminating Manual Triage
    • Intelligent triage eliminates the need for manual triage, automatically categorizing requests and saving 30-60 seconds on each one.
    • This automation frees up your agents to focus on more complex tasks, improving overall efficiency.
  2. Automated Routing Workflows
    • Intelligent triage powers automated routing workflows, ensuring incoming requests are sent to the appropriate agent the first time.
    • This streamlined process reduces response times and enhances customer satisfaction.
  3. Self-Service Empowerment
    • Intelligent triage can automate responses to customers, allowing them to self-serve and solve their own requests.
    • This feature reduces the workload on your support team while providing a seamless customer experience.


1. What distinguishes Zendesk's standard AI from its advanced AI?
Zendesk's standard AI features include AI agents, macros, and knowledge panels within the Suite offerings. The Advanced AI add-on introduces additional capabilities such as Generative AI tools for agents, intelligent triage, and macro suggestions specifically for admins, enhancing both agent and admin experiences.

2. In what ways does Zendesk implement artificial intelligence?
Zendesk utilizes AI to analyze every incoming support request, identifying and aggregating trending topics. This allows admins to notice recurring issues and collaborate with knowledge management teams to produce relevant help center articles, empowering customers to find solutions independently.

3. How can I enable the help center feature in Zendesk?
To activate the help center in Zendesk, click on the Zendesk Products icon in the top bar, then select "Guide." On the page that appears, click "Get started." If you do not see this option and instead are taken directly to your help center, it indicates that the help center is already active.

4. What steps are needed to activate intelligent triage in Zendesk?
To turn on intelligent triage in Zendesk, navigate to the appropriate settings in the admin panel where you can enable this feature, allowing for smarter and more efficient handling of incoming support requests based on their content and urgency.

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